We Specialize In

  1. -Production and Editorial
       Project Management

  2. -Photo Research

  3. -Art Management

  4. -Interior and Cover Design

  5. -Audio Production

  6. -Script Development

  7. -Assisting authors with

  8. -E-book conversion

Past Clients Include

  1. -Cengage Learning

  2. -Cambridge University Press

  3. -McGraw-Hill


Welcome to Bluebird Publishing Solutions

Bluebird Publishing Solutions specializes in a variety of services to assist book publishers, large and small, to produce their print, electronic, and online products.

Bluebird specializes in all steps of the editorial and production process from pre-planning and budget, through manufacturing and delivery. We offer a variety of services including project management, proofreading, copyediting, photo research, and design.

We also work directly with authors wishing to self-publish their books. We can assist authors with all levels of manuscript development, design, printing, and even e-book conversion.

Contact us today to learn how Bluebird Publishing Solutions can help you create a successful product!